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How long should an ebook be

How long should an ebook be?

If you’re considering publishing your first ebook, you’re probably wondering how long it ought to be. It’s a really good question. If you haven’t published ebooks before, you can’t truly tell what your specific audience enjoys. If you don’t yet have ebook sales and reader feedback to aid you, determining the ideal length for an ebook can feel like a bit of a guess.

How long should an ebook be
How long should an ebook be? 16

You can look up the average length of different ebooks. However, you’ll find that they differ greatly even within the same genre. Why is a particular length better suited than another?

We’ll go over every aspect of ebooks in this blog. Thus, carry on reading to know how many words! 

Three suggested ebook lengths: how long should an ebook be?

The multibillionaire question, “What is the ideal length for an ebook?” has an answer right here. You want to use as many words as you can to impart your knowledge or tell your narrative. It has no bounds to it. But an ebook might be as long as a printed book or a full-length novel, with an approximate word count of 3,000. To be more exact, though, we will discuss below the three optimal ebook lengths that will assist you in making the best choice for your target readers.

Three-suggested-ebook length show long should an ebook be
How long should an ebook be? 17

The three ideal ebook lengths are as follows.

Short ebooks

Short EBooks.
How long should an ebook be? 18

Short ebooks are an excellent way to start if you’re creating an ebook for the first time and want to see how it goes. The length of a short ebook might range from a few pages to several thousand words. A short print book is defined by The Write Practice as having an average word count of 25,000, or roughly 100 pages.

Additionally, when you break down ebook lengths by genre, you’ll find that small ebooks typically have 123 pages for children’s novels and 519 pages for lengthy, in-depth legal ebooks.

The explanation for this is that although these brief great ebook format is cut from the above averages, they nevertheless have a strong and useful function in the current context of digital marketing: they make excellent lead magnets as free giveaway .

One common and efficient strategy to grow your email list is to provide your short ebook as a free gift to your target audience in exchange for their email.

In actuality, 58.6% of marketers assert that written lead magnets in short form perform better than those in long form.

Furthermore, an ebook that is brief need not be in the shape of a standard fiction or non-fiction short story or ebook.

Your short ebook type can be formatted more creatively, allowing you to create workbooks, whitepapers, and digital manuals and cheat sheets.

If you are a blogger, your Google Analytics reports will contain at least one helpful tip. Simply see which posts and subjects are most well-liked by your blog’s audience.

As a content update on that important blog post, you may even provide a unique little booklet, much as Hubspot offers with their list of 10 Business Email Phrases to Stop (& Start) Using With Clients.

Engage your readership to help you choose the subject matter for your brief booklet.

Find out from your audience what they need help with and what they would like to learn more about. After that, ask them to list the things that hurt.

If you want e-readers with shorter ebooks attention spans to learn something worthwhile about your topic for free, you could consider creating a short ebook.

Should you decide against offering your short book as a freebie, our following choice may be a better fit.

Medium-sized ebooks

Medium sized ebooks
How long should an ebook be? 19

This is a fantastic ebook format to take into consideration if you want to sell a children’s book, novella, short tale, or even a shorter non-fiction book. A print book edition of the work can easily be replaced or supplemented by the medium-length version.

Let’s uncover: how many words should be in mid sized ebook creation process. The mid-sized ebook category encompasses works with 5,000–20,000 words, while there are many resources available that deviate from this.

Children’s books, for example, often have between 500 and 600 words. Additionally, 100 words make up micro-fiction, 1,000 words make up flash fiction, and 7,500 words make up a short tale. As you can see, word counts vary widely and don’t necessarily adhere to the same standards.

We’re all in favour now that anything over $0.0 that can be read in one to three sittings is what we refer to as medium-sized ebooks.

Our suggested word count of 5,000–20,000 is not a strict limit, but rather a very broad recommendation.

In terms of cost, mid sized ebook range from $0.99 to $9.99.

In any case, whether your own ebook is offered through Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP), it is the suggested price range. This pricing plan is determined by subtracting Amazon’s sales commission from the price that the self-publisher must pay for each sold ebook from the cost of sale.

We include the two lowest-tier royalty ranges—across several retail distributors—in the mid-sized ebook pricing range as a very generic example.

You also have more possibilities than ever to sell ebooks directly to your audience because of the way the book industry is evolving—away from print books and publishing houses and towards digital ebooks and self-publishing ebooks channels.

The primary lesson is that you can charge a lower price ($0.99–$9.99) for medium-sized ebooks than large ebooks ($10+), selling platforms aside.

The amount of depth in your material and the number of sittings your e-readers will need to finish it are two other ways to estimate the size and cost of your ebook.

Long ebooks

Long EBooks
How long should an ebook be? 20

A lengthy ebook is the third choice; it offers your e-readers a longer, more in-depth reading experience. Consider non-fiction ebooks as longer articles that your readers can read throughout three sittings to accomplish their goals.

This is usually where your ebook length will fall if you write fiction. The average word count for each genre, according to Reedsy, ranges from 35,000 to 95,000.

Once more, client feedback—whether it’s obtained from your blogging experience or social channel activity—comes in useful if you’re uncertain what to cover in your ebook.

Determine which subjects, concerns, and issues your target audience (such as viewers of videos, email subscribers, followers on social media, and readers of blogs) finds most compelling, and then craft a lengthy ebook that addresses those particular themes.

You may also use your social media accounts to distribute a link to a survey that asks pertinent questions that delve into their main areas of discomfort. Furthermore, you’re not alone if creating a formidable table of contents that lists hundreds of pages and more than 20,000 words seems overwhelming at this point. It’s a large ebook to put together. However, there’s a reliable way out of it.

Write your first draft quickly. Imagine that you are competing to create ebooks faster than the other person by cramming as much stuff as you can into your initial draft without giving specifics or even writing quality a second thought.

Your quick first draft should serve as a skeleton draft of your thoughts, which you may then slowly refine later. There’s always room for revision, restructuring, reformatting, and filling in the blanks regarding content.

Though it may appear very different from the final version your e-readers see, once you have a first copy in hand, most of your overwhelm goes away, thus mentally, this practice is worthwhile. The idea is that word count and page count are less important than your e-readers’ perceived value and the advantages you provide them with, such as entertainment or problem-solving.

Additionally, the lovely thing about selling ebooks (and other digital products in general) is that you have greater freedom when it comes to e-reader value delivery and pricing.

How does the number of words in your book relate to its price?

Given that longer eBooks require more time to produce and edit, this pricing increase is not shocking. But this isn’t always the case. As you may know, the cost of producing and distributing eBooks is significantly lower than that of print books, which is why eBook versions are more affordable. In what way, then, does word count translate into cost? 

How long should an ebook be? 21

Ultimately, generating revenue from your eBook is probably your ultimate aim, regardless of whether you want to sell the book through your website, an online course, or the Amazon Kindle platform. Your main goal should be to make a good living from your ebook. Here, the word count will affect how much your eBook costs. especially if your book instructs the reader and is non-fiction. These books are already worth more.

But length is irrelevant if the book is brief but packed with content. The truth is that a brief eBook has suddenly become excellent and can even benefit your readers more. Readers of fiction eBooks will be expecting a certain amount of length when it comes to price.

Instead of pages, ebook length is determined by word count.

Short-format Kindle A 5,000–30,000 word eBook

Over 5,000 words make up a short story.

Nonfiction is written in more than 10,000 words.

Over 50,000 words make up a novel.

Why not just calculate by page count?

As a course developer, this is among the most intriguing queries you may have.

I’ll give you the response now on how many pages. It’s because each device’s ebook page is different. Each gadget has a very different page count. Similar to how an iPhone screen displays less content than a Kindle page.

How to print book version, short ebook lengths, short stories: Add valuable information to complex subject: Share your digital products on audience channels

This presents some challenges if you want to publish your ebook. Counting the number of words is the starting point. Write as many words as necessary to thoroughly cover your subject and make it helpful to the reader in the end.

last words:

Hopefully, you now have a better notion of the ideal length for your ebook, which will enable you to work more efficiently. Should the book turn out to be better, more copies will be sold and your readers will appreciate it more.

Whether your book is 3,000 words or 300,000 words, it doesn’t matter as long as it offers readers value. It is advised that you not focus on the word count. No matter how lengthy or short your eBook is, your readers will be satisfied if you concentrate on giving them the best story and value. If you want to know more about this topic: contact us! we are here to assist you.

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