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Best SEO Tools for YouTube

Paid and Free Best SEO Tools for YouTube for 2024

Best SEO Tools for YouTube
Paid and Free Best SEO Tools for YouTube for 2024 30

After Google, YouTube is currently the second most popular search engine. For this reason, you need to understand how to raise your platform rating whether you currently produce video content or are thinking about doing so. Similar to Google’s SEO, this can only be accomplished by optimising your content by YouTube’s rules.

Do SEO techniques have to be used for YouTube?

You may produce a video on YouTube without the use of any youtube seo tools and still be successful, but it’s best to get some assistance to expand and improve your SEO approach. Additionally, by using these youtube seo tools, you’ll save time that you can use for other youtube optimization , which will ultimately result in higher-quality work and better results.

 SEO techniques
Paid and Free Best SEO Tools for YouTube for 2024 31

Why YouTube SEO is crucial?

It is crucial to comprehend the significance of YouTube SEO before delving into the methods for getting your youtube channel to start youtube rankings. Consider YouTube SEO to be the foundation of a prosperous YouTube channel. Regardless of how captivating a video is, it is likely to do poorly if it is not optimised.

Why YouTube SEO is crucial
Paid and Free Best SEO Tools for YouTube for 2024 32

Although they are only temporary, there are techniques to obtain YouTube views without using YouTube SEO. For instance, you may post your videos on social media sites, where they would receive a few hundred views, but that would be all.  

Posts on social media have an expiration date, so once they reach that point, your external YouTube views will stop. You shouldn’t utilise social media to get views on your YouTube SEO videos; instead, you should use it to promote them. YouTube search results or recommended videos should always be the main source of information.

The main idea is that, depending on how you market it, every other technique you do outside of YouTube SEO will lose its effectiveness after a set amount of time—let’s say two to four days. Your videos won’t receive any more views after that, which is something that everyone would want to avoid, right? Yes.

Top paid and free tools for YouTube SEO

With the popularity of video content growing, especially on social media sites like TikTok, an increasing number of SEO solutions tailored to YouTube are becoming available.

YouTube, like TikTok and Instagram Stories, has recognised the trend of short video consumption on mobile devices and has introduced Shorts.

paid and free tools for YouTube SEO
Paid and Free Best SEO Tools for YouTube for 2024 33

Consequently, it’s critical to modify tactics and make use of resources to post videos on YouTube that support the expansion of your channel and increase views.

Examine this list and select the best youtube seo tools based on your needs and working style.


One of the most often used YouTube tools is TubeBuddy. It compiles every channel’s statistic on its platform, on the one hand. Conversely, YouTube itself includes a specific keyword tool, a YouTube video title planner, a list of tags for your video content, recommendations for when to upload, and more.

Tube Buddy
Paid and Free Best SEO Tools for YouTube for 2024 34

Therefore, how is TubeBuddy directly integrated with YouTube? Because YouTube itself supports this tool, you can use it with the utmost confidence and can rely on its statistics.

Because TubeBuddy displays a box with all the video’s data, tags that have been used, and even the long tail keywords the video is ranking for and in what place, it’s ideal for spying on your rivals.

Any of these tags can be clicked to access TubeBuddy’s hashtag analyzer, where you can view the volume of searches on YouTube, frequency of use, and associated terms for that particular tag.


VidIQ is yet another service that is integrated within the platform itself, just like TubeBuddy.  it provides you with useful details about each video, which helps you not only to assess and outperform the competition but also to observe how well your own movies are performing.

Paid and Free Best SEO Tools for YouTube for 2024 35

One particularly intriguing feature is the youtube video search engine optimization checklist, which allows you to see which aspects of your movie—like the thumbnail quality, tags, end screens, and cards, or the length of the title and description—you may work on improving.

It also includes social engagement indications, indicating whether something is good (green), regular (yellow), or bad (red), as well as the number of likes it has received on YouTube.

YT Cockpit

A Swiss tool for researching YouTube keywords is called YTCockpit. Except the data being solely relevant to YouTube, it functions similarly to any other relevant keyword research tool you may have utilised.

Paid and Free Best SEO Tools for YouTube for 2024 36

As a result, it includes other metrics, such as the average length of the videos that rank for a given keyword and the minimum and maximum views that term has on Google (which correspond to expected traffic). Since YTCockpit gets this information from Google AdWords and YouTube Suggest, you may use it to build a solid youtube strategy.

It also features an option that will help you spend less money on ads because it increases the conversion rate and charges your account only if viewers watch the entire video rather than simply impressions.


Morningfa.me is a tool that differs from TubbeBuddy or VidIQ in that it is centred on the expansion of a YouTube channel as a business strategy.

The first two offer information and tips on how to make your videos better, but Morningfa.me examine your channel as a whole and even breaks down how each video affects it.

To help you make better videos, it will inform you which videos help your channel develop and which do not.

When we combine this with a thorough examination of elements like the artistic consistency of thumbnails, the frequency of publication, or the number of subscribers, Morningfa.me becomes a vital resource for managing YouTube with a business-oriented SEO approach.


As you can see in the image, Keywordtool.io is a youtube SEO tool keyword research that enables you to search for related keywords only on YouTube, producing more targeted results than if you used a general tool.

Paid and Free Best SEO Tools for YouTube for 2024 37

It offers the typical information from this kind of tool (search volume on YouTube, CPC, competition, etc.) in addition to some unique features like the Questions section that shows you what queries people are searching for that are associated with your term.

Since all of the data was taken directly from YouTube Suggest, it may be trusted.

Lastly, a hashtag-specific tab on Keywordtool.io informs you whether any specific tags are associated with your phrase and what those tags are. You can now utilise hashtags to increase your impressions and views as a result.


Kparser’s situation is comparable to that of Keywordtool.io in that it is a keyword research tool with the capability to look up terms exclusively on YouTube.

Paid and Free Best SEO Tools for YouTube for 2024 38

Given that it only provides you with the search volume and CPC (in the subscription plan) in addition to the tool’s rating, the information offered may be quite limited.

However, since it doesn’t even require registration, it is fairly helpful for rapidly glancing at a youtube keyword research and determining at first sight whether it would be worthwhile working on it on YouTube.

Keyword Keg

Once more, however, with a few modifications, we have another SEO keyword research tool. One of the most intriguing features is the ability to filter search results according to certain parameters, such as questions answered, comparisons, purchasing intent, and product details. As a result, among the findings, you would already have a first classification.

Additionally, it features a “strict mode” that excludes derivatives and restricts the search to results that precisely match the keyword you input.

YouTube Autosuggest

Youtube AutoSuggest
Paid and Free Best SEO Tools for YouTube for 2024 39

When you input text into the YouTube search box, it starts to propose terms or phrases that you may have typed. YouTube Autosuggest operates similarly. You can incorporate the tool’s recommendations into the tags, video titles, and description of the video. It is a useful tool for both users and authors.

Google Trends
Paid and Free Best SEO Tools for YouTube for 2024 40

You must be abreast of the most recent internet trends if you want your channel to attract viewers. One tool that might assist you in determining the trends in your industry is Google Trends. You only need to click “YouTube Search” to view information about the keyword you typed. You’ll be able to tell if it’s popular or not.

Ahrefs Keywords tool

Ahrefs Keywords tool
Paid and Free Best SEO Tools for YouTube for 2024 41

The YouTube SEO tool with the largest keyword database is Ahrefs. You may find out about local and global search volumes by performing a keyword search for youtube content. Clickstreams clicks, and click percentages are also shown. It can also serve as a source for ideas for topics.

Keyword Tool Dominator

One of the most popular tools for keyword research is this one because it’s quick and helpful in locating related terms without taking too much time.

Keyword Tool Dominator
Paid and Free Best SEO Tools for YouTube for 2024 42

You can only rely on the score they provide each keyword because, as the graphic illustrates, it doesn’t offer any intriguing data like search volume or trend.

You can choose which words to use by looking at the pie chart that shows the trend in word usage below that table.


Paid and Free Best SEO Tools for YouTube for 2024 43

You can add the terms that interest you to the Keyword metrics option so that the tool can offer you search volume, CPC, trend, and other metrics, even though the screenshot shows no metrics next to the keywords.

Another intriguing feature is Clustering, which saves you a tonne of time when choosing how to employ related phrases by dividing a group of keywords into clusters based on their semantic similarity.

Additionally, it can identify the queries that people pose about your term. Lastly, you will see a feature called Ranked keywords. Regrettably, this feature isn’t functional for determining the keywords for which a YouTube video ranks.

Final Thoughts on YouTube SEO Tools

Which tool you choose will depend on your demands. To enhance your positioning, you must have a tool that lets you profile a plan and thoroughly examine its effectiveness if you want to develop a YouTube channel as a business line. Because you don’t prioritise boosting SEO, a tool that doesn’t go too deep is sufficient if you’re looking for ideas for periodically posting videos on your channel.  As a result, it is impossible to rank one better than the other in terms of YouTube SEO because it all relies on your goals—getting your videos to the top or concentrating more on networking or virality. Choose the most useful tool from this list after deciding what you want to do with YouTube.

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