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SEO Tools for Bloggers

Free Best SEO Tools for Bloggers 2024

In the fast-paced digital environment of today where visibility is vital, search engine optimization (SEO) is the foundation for bloggers who want to expand their online visibility.

SEO Tools for Bloggers
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SEO has two major tasks, to increase the crawlability of the website and also to lead organic traffic, enhancing the site’s credibility and audience participation.

In this blog post we will explore the best free seo tools for blogger.

What are keywords?  

SEO tools for keyword research
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Specific words that are regularly used in search engines are known as keywords; they get search engine recognition and act as a bridge between content people are searching online for and what bloggers are supplying. 

What are Seed Keywords?

seo tools for seed keywords
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Seed keywords are the core of any keyword strategy research, as they are the basis for building a list of strategies.

They are the key words or even phrases used by the users to help define what kind of information they are looking for.

Imagine these ideas as the roots that will enliven your keyword tree or the seed that will take your content to its rightful place in the niche market.

The seed keywords are often those ones, which are broad and general in character, but at the end, they may serve as a springboard for specific and respective keyword variations.

Seed keywords stand about with their wide range of advantages. A use of synonym generators allows creating a wide list of related keywords and their long-tailed versions. This gives bloggers insight into their target market’s google search intention. One can come across various valuable insights related to the most popular topics, trends, by using seed keywords and brainstorming which blogs are the most exciting and interesting.

WordStream’s Free Keyword Tool: 

WordStream’ top tool is the best tool for bloggers who need to make their keyword research process simpler.

WordStream's Free Keyword Tool
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It is an easy-to-use keyword research tool that allows you to build upon a previously written list of long-tail terms used by search engines.

One of the key features of WordStream’s Free Keyword Tool is that it generates keyword suggestions and related keywords on the basis of the user’s seed keyword(s) or their web page URL.

Through entering relevant and webpage keywords into the system, bloggers can find themselves with a wealth of relevant keywords to use, which include informatiom on google search volume, competition level, and an approximate cost per click.

This rich information helps bloggers to focus on keywords with which they can have a high chance of attracting potential readers and these words should be highly related to their audience.

Keyword Tool:

Alongside Keyword Tool, bloggers will find another tool that is really invaluable for their keyword stash pursuit.

A distinctive feature of Keyword Tool is its use of autocomplete suggestions from the major search engines as the primary data source instead of relying on the search engine data alone, doing this works very well for the users.

Bloggers can benefit from latent semantic indexing (LSI) keyphrases or 3-4 word combinations to discover the long-tail keywords that people are using to search through search engines.

Such real-time information empowers bloggers with the opportunity to identify what is growing while being one step ahead of their game in terms of content strategies.


AnswerThePublic brings a unique perspective to keyword research by viewing across the lines of user intention instead of solely looking at raw search volume figures.

AnswerthePublic, by querying multiple search engines such as Google, forums, or social media platforms collects common questions, phrases with prepositions or comparisons relevant to the main keyword.

Free Keyword Research Tools

Without keyword research, you cannot have a good SEO campaign, which means that the practice is the basis of SEO strategy.

Keyword Research Tools
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It deals with targeting the key words that are common phrases used by people during searches for information online.

Since this is the case, bloggers can use keyword research so as to make their content sufficiently optimised for more organic traffic to come from search engines.

Now, let’s explore some of the best free keyword research tools available to bloggers:

Bulk Google Rank Checker

Bulk Google Rank checker is a convenient tool that enables users to check their keywords ranking for more than a single search engine like, including ours: Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

The blogger can enter a list of keywords and choose the relevant search engines, and then can check the brief image to either keep or add more key phrases for their better ranking.

This tool provides SEO progress data, and that precisely shows keyword rankings over a period of time. 

Google Keyword Planner

The Keyword Planner by Google Ads is a great tool that searchers utilize to uncover new keywords & to get clarity on the keyword performance.

Though the dictionary is mostly intended for advertisers, bloggers can also take advantage of good old Google Keyword Planner to find the subject keywords, check the search volumes and analyze the keyword competitiveness.

Seed keywords or website URLs entry gives bloggers a chance to move towards the generation of keyword ideas and the prioritization of their content optimization activities accordingly. 


Ubersuggest is a comprehensive keyword tool that gives you the vast opportunity to explore keyword volume, harshness, and trends.

The Ubersuggest tool was developed by Neil Patel, it provides a variety of resources such as a keyword research tool, domain analysis and content ideas.

Through applying the Ubersuggest tool, bloggers are able to narrow down the long-tail keywords, monitor the difficulty level of those keywords, and discover content openings in their particular niche.

User-friendly interface along with actionable tips puts the tool among top choices for bloggers who are potential customers looking for SEO strategies boosting. 

The online platform Google Trends permits to trace the deflection of the search both in terms of time and space.

Out of keyword and topics driven blogs, bloggers can spot trends, compare search interest, and realize seasonal fluctuations.

Google Trends not only offers the related keywords and local or regional data but additionally it helps bloggers make the timely and relevant content through the audience they target.

Whether activity tracking about the numbers of specific keywords search or keeping an eye on the movement of the industry trend, Google Trends presents valuable results to guide the content strategy and increase the organic traffic. 

On-Page Optimization Tools

On-Page Optimization Tools
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On-page optimization is not just a factor, but rather, it is a key to getting your website high in search engine rankings and better in phrasing it to web surfers.

Through concentrating on parts that are within your reach, you have to do with description, meta tags and internal links that work towards improving user experience and ranking directly with search engines.

This article is aimed at familiarizing one with the most powerful tools namely, MozBar, Yoast SEO, and Rank Math, through which one can refine on-page optimization. 

MozBar SEO Toolbar

MozBar, an extension with several functions, gives you an opportunity to analyze the page’s SEO performance.

MozBar SEO Toolbar
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The information derived from these metrics enables you to test the website’s viability and make any changes to the areas that are not performing as expected.

The demonstrative capability of the MozBar especially in ticking off on-page elements, for example title tags, meta description and headers, is one of the memorable features of the plugin.

With that capability, you can easily determine whether your SEO is up to date with the top practice and make any amendment right away.

Furthermore, MozBar provides competitive analysis tools helping you to evaluate your website content on par with competitors and identify what other search engine optimization techniques you can use. 

Yoast SEO WordPress Plugin

Being the chief WordPress SEO plugins, Yoast SEO is known to provide efficient solutions when targeting on-page content.

It comes with clearly understandable options and the advanced functionality is great for bloggers and website managers.

Yoast SEO will keep your head sane by giving you turnkey recommendations and tips as you edit and create content. 

One of the great Yoast SEO’s’s functionality is its part of content analysis tool, it makes an asssement which factors are such as keyword density, quality of text and inner links.

Applying the content from Yoast, you will be able to make certain that search engines are attracted by a friendly content but also the readers fall in love with it.

Likewise, Yoast SEO has got the technical issues under control including XML sitemap generation and canonical URLs, giving you the time to create specific content that is relevant and attractive to your site visitors. 

Rank Math SEO

The Rank Math is a newcomer in the SEO plugin horizon compared to other already established ones but it is a quick gainer in the market for its rich functionality and an easy-to-use interface.

What you have with Rank Math is that of superior on-page optimization by taking a peek at the extra features as well as the customization option that it offers. 

One of Rank Math’s unique advantages is it’s muster approach, enabling you to do only what is relevant to you.

Regardless if you are dealing with schema mark-up, watching after other 404 errors or redirect management, Rank Math has a way to help you cover this.

Furthermore, Rank Math provides the ability to apply detailed keyword rankings, backlinks, and search impressions to watch how the ranking evolves and make data-driven decisions at the right time. 

Technical SEO Tools 

Technical SEO Tools
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Technical SEO means optimizing the website’s technical part to enhance the search engine index ranking and the interaction of the user on a website.

Whilst content and keywords make a lot of difference, technical details are as essential as they have to be if your site is indexed, crawled, and ranked with the help of the search engines.

Free Technical SEO Tools

Google XML Sitemaps: 

XML sitemaps provide search engines with an easy-to-use system that tells them how your website is laid out and what kind of information it contains.

The Google XML Sitemaps plugin for WordPress creates an automatically generated sitemap for your site, hence, this tool enables search engines such as Google to crawl and index your pages easily. 

SEO Spider Tool from Screaming Frog: 

This website allocates software the roots into pages and discovers the underlying technical SEO issues of the web pages like broken links, duplicate content, page titles and meta tags, etc.

It is useful thanks to data-sourced hints upon places of improvement which you can also export for further processing. 

Google XML Sitemaps:

Google XML Sitemaps is a free to use plugin for WordPress. 

It helps in the generation of XML sitemaps and their submission to search engines in an easy manner.

XML sitemaps act practically like a blueprint or a map for all search engine crawlers, showing the way which they follow to reach and index pages of your site correctly. 

Taking advantage of Google XML Sitemaps, you can just generate dynamic XML sitemaps for your wepage in few seconds or clicks.

This plugin will generate a detailed sitemap which besides your posts and pages will include posts and tags and other content types so that everything is there.  

Backlinks are the vital part of the SEO valuation as they point at a vital significance of the website.

Analyzing backlinks gives bloggers a clear picture of the links to their site , identify openings for correction and growth as well as track the status of their websites.

Here are two powerful backlink analysis tools:

The free backlink checker provides valuable insights into a website’s link profile, including:

It apprases the level of the backlinks on some features such as domain authority, page authority, and spam score. 

Anchor Text Analysis:

It identifies the anchor texts that are utilized in backlinks and assists the authors in distinguishing their link building strategy. 

Competitor Analysis:

Users can put backlinks to their site next to competitor’s one and detect gaps in link building. 

Email Alerts:

The Email Option of Monitor Backlinks provides email notifications for fresh, lost and modified backlinks and domain name strength. 

These features enable bloggers to go ahead with improved and effective  link building methods  which in turn improve their website SEO performance.

HigherVisibility Google SERP Snippet Optimization Tool: 

Although there are no backlink analysis features on HigherVisibility, the SERP Snippet Optimization tool enables bloggers to enhance their online visibility and engagement.

The meta tags and title tags that are compelling can draw more clicks thereby also boosting the organic traffic. 

Key features of this tool include:

Preview Snippets:

Website visitors could check the way their website appears in the Google search results, including title tag, meta description, and URL that consumers might click on. 

Character Counter:

The instrument has a counter which helps check titles length and meet the required length of meta descriptions and title tags. 

Keyword Optimization:

It consists of 4 suggestion categories: for meta description and title tags optimization aiming at target keywords, for search engine optimization on target keywords. 

Rich Snippet Support:

They are able to personalize their snippets so that you can add additional elements of rich snippets like star ratings, authors’ information and date when the content was posted. 

Through the optimization of their site’s search engine snippets, bloggers can therefore enjoy high click-through rates and thus more prominence on search engine results. 

Performance and Analytics Tools

Performance and Analytics Tools
Free Best SEO Tools for Bloggers 2024 34

Performance of the website in its digital space is pivotal, taking into account how the website looks and feels to the user.

Performance and analytics tools provide industry professionals with a detailed look into the site’s performance in different areas, visitor behavior and SEO optimization opportunities that evolve over time.

Within the array of options to explore, Google Analytics and Google PageSpeed Insights are the advanced tools bloggers and other webmasters cannot deny themselves. 

Google Analytics:

Google Analytics, which is provided by Google as a Web-based traffic tracking and reporting service, is a very powerful instrument.

Google Analytics-min
Free Best SEO Tools for Bloggers 2024 35

It is a treasure trove which provides you with the data and also the different metrics that will help you understand your audience, their tendencies, with whom they are interacting or the impact they are making on your website.

Selling and user engagement, conversions and user demographics are all within Google Analytics and can provide you with a holistic and eye-opening big picture of your content strategy development, marketing and website optimization initiatives. 

Google PageSpeed Insights: 

An Effective Website Design includes elements like fast page loading, efficient website scrolling, easy navigation, overall aesthetics, accessibility, and responsiveness.

Website performance is the most important part that can cause a negative effect on a user experience, ranking in search engines, and the site performance in general.

Google PageSpeed Insights is a free tool which is used for the web pages speed and usability rate analysis and also a suggestion tips are given for speed and usability improvement. 

Google’s PageSpeed Insights tool provides you with an in-depth analysis of your website performance on different mobile and desktop devices. 

It acts as a guide by identifying opportunities and offering recommendations for you to improve speed and user experience. 

Other Useful Tools

Digital marketing requires flexibility, an effective selection of instruments among the toolbox for better efficiency. SEO though is the one which is most often mentioned, complementary tools play a role more than ever in your blogging process

Bing Webmaster Tools:  

While Google reproduces almost two-thirds of all web searches carried out across the world, bypassing Bing, could overlook a great quantity of untapped organic traffic.

The Bing Webmaster Tools package includes a number of features that help to enhance on-Bing search engine visibility and performance for websites. 

One of the main but worthwhile elements of Bing Webmaster is its detailed and rich site analysis.

Bing crawls and indexes your website to diagnose what is wrong with your site; issues that may be found usually hinder your site to be found in the search engine result pages (SERPs).

Fixing those issues would maximize your website performance, and the rest of the ranking goes to Bing. 

Beyond the conventional features of Bing Webmaster Tools, there is also its keyword research tool.

Analogous to Google Keyword Planner, here you are going to unveil the various keywords that are important to your target audience on Bing.

With the inclusion of this keywords into your content and optimization methods you can strengthen your site’s pertinence and visibility on such as Bing SERP. 

Furthermore, Bing Webmaster Tools also shows data about inbound and outbound links. 

Therefore, you have at your disposal the possibility of tracking down your site backlink profile, including opportunities for backlink building.

You can raise the status of your website and show it as a trustworthy and credible resource to both Bing and your target audience via generating high-quality backlinks from well-respected sources. 

Connectively (Formerly HARO, Help a Reporter Out):  

What makes bloggers connect today is the power of credibility and authority. 

In the virtual world of the internet, this is bewilderingly fiery, yet it has to be done.

Formerly called Help a Reporter Out (HARO), it is a one-stop shop for journalists and bloggers to source the real people from different fields of expertise for their stories. 

Besides the owning of Connectivity, it helps to provide bloggers with media coverage from trustworthy sites and backlinks from authoritative ones.

When you respond to journalist questions — strictly within your niche — your credibility and popularity for the blog rises for the general public therefore you can gain more exposure.

Whether it’s offering insights, sharing experiences or commentary with experts, participating in a networked community as Connectivity will be beneficial for building your credibility and authority in the relevant sphere. 

In addition, mutual benefits of two cabins for not only bloggers but also journalists are created by Connectively.

Bloggers receive coverage and backlinks from companies and media outlets with a good reputation which, simultaneously, give journalists the opportunity to get access to professional sources and insight information for their stories.

The result may be reciprocal connections and collaborations, which will again reinforce your position and brand. 

Bonus Paid SEO Tools

Bonus Paid SEO Tools min 1
Free Best SEO Tools for Bloggers 2024 36

In the era of digital marketing buzzwords like search engine optimization (SEO) are no longer new.

  That’s why SEO is still the basic tool to increase the visibility of your website and bring organic traffic on the website.

Today, even bloggers have access to a plethora of free SEO tools. 

But having to explore paid SEO options gives them the opportunity to have advanced features and in-depth analytics that can move their SEO strategies from ordinary to superior level.  

1.  Clearscope:  

Clearscope is a great content optimization tool that has been innovated to assist bloggers in penned high-quality, search-optimized content valuable to their consumers.

Clearscope utilizes natural language processing to do the same thing as other traditional keyword research tools but in a better and more effective way as it gives people some logical insights to improve their content. 

With Clearscope, bloggers can:

  • Resolve on what important keywords and phrases should be included in the text. 
  • Find out what they are doing right in terms of semantic relevance as compared to the top-ranking pages.  

2.  Ahrefs:  

Ahrefs can be classified as and relies on an extensive set of SEO features to assist bloggers in increasing their search visibility. 

It also allows them to analyze their competitors’ strategies and track the whole backlink profile.

Ahrefs is not only keyword research, but also includes items like website auditing and rank tracking which are also necessary for them to optimize their websites for search engines. 

Key features of Ahrefs include:

  • Enabled with the unlimited potential to conduct in-depth keyword research, including keyword difficulty assessment as well as search volume analysis. 
  • Backlink tool analysis to identify back linking opportunities along with the competitor backlink profile monitoring. 
  • The tool audit function to identify on-site technical SEO flaws and to make websites healthier. 
  • To run the ranking report for a keyword and to see how the search engine visibility evolved through time. 

Via the Ahrefs bloggers will be able to find helpful insights into their site’s seo performance, uncover areas of weakness, and maximise their online visibility as the competition in the digital market remains very dynamic. 

3.  Moz:  

MOZ is one of the best known brands in the industry of SEO offering SEO software and other resources as a digital marketing agency aimed at improving the bloggers’ rankings and expanding the online presence of everyone.

From keyword research and link making to site optimization and performance tracking, Moz Blogs gives the bloggers all the apparatus with which they can become identical to all other bloggers even in the extremely competitive world of digital marketing. 

Key features of Moz include: 

  • Keyword Explorer will be the purpose for the deep level in the keyword researching and analyzing process. 
  • Link Explorer as an all-around solution for the in-depth research of backlinks and link building possibilities. 
  • Hands-on optimization tools and education to strengthen site content and SEO technicalities.
  • Moz Pro: an SEO suite boasting full advanced functionality that delivers those users who prefer data to guide their SEO decisions.

With Moz, bloggers are enabled to efficiently oversee their SEO strategies and obtain from this an understanding of key insights as well as actionable recommendations to drive organic traffic and meet their business objectives. 

4.  SEMRush: 

SEMRush, the digital marketing tool that allows bloggers to create SEO, content, and ad campaigns in just one place is an all-in-one solution that makes it possible.

Free Best SEO Tools for Bloggers 2024 37

From keyword research and competitor analysis to content optimization and performance tracking, SEMRush provides everything that bloggers need to have a solid online presence and steer a business growth that does not rely on one-off publicity stunts. 

Key features of SEMRush include:

  • Instead of relying on random guess, just use Keyword Magic Tool for comprehensive keyword research and analysis to decrease the risks of targeting the wrong keywords.
  • The core element of the Competitor Analysis toolkit, which reveals the key competitor tactics and emerging areas for growth. 
  • Content-Marketing-Platform for economic content views and user engagement. 
  • Website Audit tool to discover and correct the technical SEO problems that may have negative impacts on website activities. 

Not only can bloggers have access to a range of data-backed information and action-oriented tips with the help of SEMRush to improve their SEO strategy but they can also bring targeted traffic to their websites. 

In the crowded digital world, there is only one thing that will give the bloggers a chance of lasting success – these features. 

Finding the best free SEO tools for bloggers can significantly boost your website’s search engine rankings.


In summary, this article delves into the world of SEO tools tailored for bloggers in 2024. From understanding the significance of keywords and seed keywords to exploring an array of free keyword research tools like WordStream, Keyword Tool, and AnswerThePublic, this resource equips bloggers with the tools needed to enhance visibility and drive organic traffic.

Utilize free SEO tools like Google Search Console, Google Keyword Planner, and Google Analytics for keyword research, analyzing search engine results, and tracking search rankings.

Incorporate SEO strategies with tools like Yoast SEO for on-page optimization, meta tags, and meta descriptions.

Conduct competitor analysis and backlink analysis to discover relevant keywords and optimize your content.

Utilize free tools such as Google Trends, Bing Webmaster Tools, and Google Pagespeed Insights to improve technical SEO, analyze broken links, and enhance website speed, leading to increased organic traffic and better search engine results.