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How do I fix Google Search Console errors?

How do I fix Google Search Console errors?

Google Search Console
How do I fix Google Search Console errors? 12

The Google Search Console (GSC) tool is free and may be used to track website performance and address issues that may prevent your website from showing up in Google search results as intended. The several problems that might be included in your Google Search Console coverage web page indexing report will all be covered in this post. More importantly, we’ll provide you with information on how to solve google search console errors .

Comprehending the Indexing Process of Google Search Console

Your website has to go through the following three processes to appear on search engine results pages (SERPs):


Before Google can crawl and index your website, it must first locate it. Processing an XML sitemap is the most popular method of finding a website. In addition to using other techniques, Google may discover websites by following connections both on and off-site. 

In addition to indexing server error code, problems may also occur during the discovery phase. Fortunately, you can make sure GSC finds your website by uploading your XML sitemap. 


The website gets added to Google’s crawl queue after it is found. Googlebot will gather information, alt tags, title tags, and more for indexing during a crawl. After the crawl is finished, an indexing request will be made. 


In the last stage of the procedure, Googlebot endeavors to interpret the data obtained during the crawling phase. Stated differently, the indexer will decide if the material is pertinent to a given search query. 

Recognizing and Fixing Errors in Google Search Console

Recognizing and Fixing Errors in Google Search Console
How do I fix Google Search Console errors? 13

Maintaining a healthy website requires comprehending and fixing Google Search Console problems. These server errors may impair the functionality and search engine visibility of your website. Crawl errors, mobile device usability concerns, indexing issues, and rich results faults are examples of common url errors. It’s crucial to comprehend the precise server error messages that Google Search Console shows to resolve these problems and take the necessary action.

For example, you should repair or redirect the broken link to a functional website if it is the root of the crawling issue. By routinely spotting and fixing these problems, you can make sure that your website is optimized for both users and search engines.

Typical server Errors in the Google Search Console

Typical server Errors in the Google Search Console
How do I fix Google Search Console errors? 14

Common Google Search Console issues may negatively impact the functioning and search engine visibility of your website. Crawl errors, or indexing problems, happen when search bots can’t reach certain pages. When websites aren’t optimized for mobile devices, mobile usability issues occur, which negatively impacts the user experience. When search engines have problems interpreting and classifying your web pages, indexing issues may arise.

You need to identify and fix these problems as soon as possible if you want to increase the total search visibility of your website. By taking quick action to address these problems and keeping a close eye on your Search Console, you can maintain the optimal performance and visibility for your website.

Crawl Errors

Search engines may experience problems accessing and crawling specific pages on your website, which might lead to crawl difficulties in Google Search Console. These server errors might have a detrimental effect on how visible search engine results are for your website.

Crawl errors like “404 – Page Not Found” and “Server Error” are frequently encountered.  The first step in resolving crawl difficulties is identifying the precise sites that are causing the issue. Next, check for any broken links or incorrect final URL structures that could be preventing search engines from indexing those pages. Make sure there are no server-related difficulties and that the robots.txt file on your website is appropriately configured. 

Mobile Usability Server Errors

Mobile Usability Errors appear in the Google Search Console when there are issues with your website’s mobile functioning. These mistakes might negatively impact your website’s user experience and mobile search rankings.  Touch components that are too close together, content that needs to be scaled to the viewport, and mobile-unfriendly designs are common server errors in mobile devices usability.

Make sure your website is responsive, meaning it can modify its design to fit multiple screen sizes, space touch components optimally, and resize content to match the mobile viewport to fix these server errors. Use Google’s Mobile-Friendly evaluation tool to evaluate your website across a range of mobile devices and browsers to detect and solve any issues.

By addressing mobile devices’ usability concerns, you may enhance user experience and your website’s ranking in mobile search results, increasing organic traffic to your website.

Indexing Errors

Google Search Console indexing problems may affect how visible your website is in search engine results. When Googlebot has trouble accessing and indexing your web pages, it will produce these search console errors.

One typical indexing problem is “Indexed, though blocked by robots.txt,” suggesting that Googlebot is unable to crawl some pages owing to instructions in the robots.txt file. An additional server error message is “Submitted page URL blocked by robots.txt,” indicating that specific page URLs are not allowed to be indexed.

Make sure your robots.txt file permits access to key pages and resources to fix indexing issues. Test the way Googlebot displays your sites by using the “Fetch as Google” function. Fix any server or technical problems that may be preventing appropriate indexing as well. Search engines will better comprehend and rank your website if you routinely check for and fix indexing issues.

Indexing errors in Rich Results

A common type of Google Search Console issue known as a Rich Results issue can have an impact on how your website looks and is shown in search results. These issues occur when the structured data markup on your website isn’t working correctly, which makes it harder for Google to understand and display your content accurately.

To fix Rich Results indexing Errors, you need to review and update your website’s structured data markup in compliance with Google’s guidelines. Make sure the information on your website is accurately shown via the application of structured data. Regularly monitoring for and fixing these issues can help you make your website more visible and enhance the user experience in search results.

Tip 1: Check your Google Search Console regularly.

Check your Google Search Console regularly.
How do I fix Google Search Console errors? 15

To manage and fix any potential issues, you must often monitor your Google Search Console. You can make sure that your website is mobile-friendly, functions properly, and is indexed by search engines by keeping a close eye on your dashboard. Your website will remain search engine optimized as a result of your ability to detect and address issues quickly.

If Google searches crawling is hampered, for instance, by broken links or server issues, you may look into and resolve them if you notice crawl failures in your dashboard. Checking your console frequently will help you stay on top of things and make your website look more professional overall.

Tip 2: Keep updated with Google’s guidelines.

Keep updated with Google's guidelines.
How do I fix Google Search Console errors? 16

Resolving Google Search Console difficulties requires following Google’s rules. Google often updates its algorithms and rules, which affects the visibility and ranking of websites. You may adapt your website to the latest regulations and prevent indexing errors by keeping up to date on the latest developments in the industry.

For example, if Google releases updated standards for mobile usability, you should make sure your website is mobile-friendly to avoid any related issues.

Frequent upgrades will improve the functioning of your website overall and help you take advantage of Google’s new features and opportunities. Keep a check on Google’s official comments and documents to stay ahead of any issues.

Last words;

Search console errors can be unpleasant, even though Google Search Console is an essential tool for website owners. To ensure the most excellent potential website performance and search engine visibility, it is essential to understand and correct these problems. This blog post explains Search Console errors, including crawl errors, indexing issues, and schema markup mistakes.

It offers valuable guidance on how to fix these indexing errors, including checking and resubmitting URLs, looking into server configurations, and fixing problems with structured data. Correctly resolving Search Console issues can help website owners optimize their site’s performance and raise the possibility that it will appear prominently in Google’s search results.  If you want to read more informational posts, Syed Digital’s blog is the right choice for you. Here, you’ll get all the information & Digital services you need that is on trend.